Climatologists world-wide now accept that our climate is warming world-wide. What is the evidence in the Newark record? The two graphs below illustrate the year-on-year records: the first graph for rainfall from 1956 through to 2005; the latter the temperature record from 1956 to 2005(shown in red). In both cases the trends are more clearly seen by the 9-year-centred moving means (shown in green)
The rainfall is shown first. It is often said that for the UK warming will also mean increased rainfall. The 9-year centred data show random year-to-year factors at play until the early 1990s, since when there has been a steady rise by 8 percent
Undoubtedly temperature has also increased during the last 20 years.. The facts, as presented graphically speak for themselves.

There are also suggestions that seasonal patterns may be changing in response to global warming. There have been marked fluctuations to the seasonal distribution of rainfall, with the first five months (except April) showing reduced rainfall, but from June on a marked increase.