Ian has kept a continuous record of weather in Newark since 1949. Initially the record was kept using a mercury-in-glass max/min thermometer housed on the north wall of his parents' home in New Balderton, about 1 mile SE of the town centre. From 1950 rainfall was recorded using a funnel and cylinder mounted on side fencing. In 1965 the record was kept at Riverside Road (1mile south of the town centre), and from 1970 he obtained a Stevenson's screen; Met-Office pattern thermometers and a standard rain-guage. From 1993 the record has been at Cooper's Yard with the more primitive equipment and exposure, but including a digital max-min thermometer Between 1970-1985 he was a member of the Royal Meteorological Society ; and a contributing observer to the amateur Climatological Observers' Link. He has recently resumed this, and now submits reports to Metcheck.

30-year average temperatures (1981-2010)